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The Tiger Report - Per Play Index (PPI)

Product Description

      Our goal is to help you leverage your time more effectively with the use of our tool. The PPI© can be used to help you quickly and efficiently generate and analyze player comparisons. This is incredibly useful whether you are just putting together your draft strategy, or on a week by week basis of who to play and not to play, or even who to pick up from the waiver wire. Our tool can be used to evaluate your options in any given situation.

      The PPI is a way to determine a players effectiveness in terms of fantasy point generation, on a per play basis. This of course is not the only way to determine a players value, but it is a value that you can weight against other values in a comparison. Some players require many opportunities to generate X amount of points, some players can do that with less opportunities. This equates to higher chance to reach their point totals, essentially being less risk.

The PPI covers the Quarterback, Running Back, Receiver and Tight End positions. Each position group has their own tab on the spread sheet, with the Top 50 fantasy performers from last season (standard scoring).

This includes:

  • A Zip file with a Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet.
  • A Microsoft Word Users Guide. 

Who this book is written for?

     The PPI© is the BEST player comparison matrix in the industry.  With an innovative PPI Rating© you can evaluate every player in the league.  Head to head player comparisons with up to 5 players at a time, complete with graphical charts for easy comparison and analysis.  The PPI is not only essential for your draft, but it is essential for each and every week.   It can be used for everything from waiver wire pick ups to weekly lineup selections.  Don't let the competition have the edge, get the edge over them.


Oscar "Tiger" Hebert is communications major at Ashford University.  He is also a sports writer for Technorati as well as the author/owner of The Tiger Report.  An all NFL, all the time site.  The site covers NFL news and updates from around the league, in-depth analysis and predictions, and detailed fantasy football coverage.



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